AVAILABLE NOW: The Art & Architecture of the Byzantine Empire

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The Art & Architecture of the Byzantine Empire


The new book from Dr. Kennon Ward is expected in late 2018/early 2019, and is already expected to be a vital, vivid masterpiece detailing the very subject described in its refreshingly direct title.  This topic is one which is criminally overlooked by many; even art and architecture enthusiasts.  Hopefully, with the release of this beautiful volume, the record will be set straight regarding the infinite, radiant beauty therein.

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This is a guide to designing and building different styles of Greenhouses. It covers basic design concepts and calculations. It has helpful advise on construction, layout and and building techniques.   It covers several types of Greenhouse designs, such as the Tunnel, Traditional, Gothic, and Dome styles. It gives advise on techniques for building of the Greenhouses. 

It covers the major cost of materials and lists the tools necessary to complete the job.  You will learn how to build a 10' x 10' Tunnel style Greenhouse for less than $200.00. There are sections on how to heat and cool the greenhouse how to prevent it from being blown away in high winds along with building tips and techniques.

What people are saying:

"I love this book.  Have been considering a greenhouse in our backyard.  The book gives several options along with pros and cons of each and the approximate price.  This will help me decide on the type of greenhouse to build."  Steve L.,  Amazon customer

"The author does a very good job of educating the reader on the various styles of greenhouses and how to decide which one is best for the reader's needs.  The author also gives instructions on how to build your own greenhouse, thereby saving money.  Plans for the greenhouses are also included.  This is a valuable book for anyone wanting to build their own greenhouse!"  Debbie V.,  Amazon customer

"I have been thinking about making a greenhouse and this book is exactly what I needed."  Cristina Snyder, Amazon customer


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This is the first book in the Urban Survival series. It covers the basics of living off the grid. Starting with the basics and then moving to more long term planing. As a soldier I learned how to survive in many different environments and to look at the world as a resource to help me survive.

This book gives some of that hard won knowledge. Many people have suffered uselessly by not being prepared for situations where the electricity and water are not working. They lacked basic skills and knowledge to help them through desperate times. Hurricane Sandy is an example of where many people suffered when they did not need to. A little planning and some basic preparation, and you will not need to suffer in a similar situation.  

Reading and following the guidance in this book will help you and your family survive and also thrive in a grid down situation. This is not a fear-mongering attempt to scare people. It is a helpful guide for situation where mother nature put anyone in a bad spot.  California has had many earthquakes, fires, and now a nearly decade long drought that is taking its toll on the people. With rolling blackouts and water restrictions information in this series may make the difference in just surviving and thriving in these all too often situations we find ourselves in over the past few years.

"This is a useful book to have during natural disasters and even manmade disasters such as electricity, water and food shortages during an urban disaster. It would have helped to save many lives after major storms, hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as during acute electricity shortages in the USA and elsewhere."  S. Roystone Neverson, Amazon customer

Books 2 and 3 in this celebrated series are also available now.